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This site is for anybody who's planning a new kitchen  You might be building a new home, buying one or just renovating your existing kitchen.  Whichever, I hope to provide you with ideas, tips and advice that will make the experience more rewarding and enjoyable.  I’ve been in the property development and kitchen business for over 20 years and have learned much of what I know the hard way.  Hopefully you won't have to make the mistakes I did and you can turn your kitchen ideas into reality without pain.


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Will you have a standard kitchen or a bespoke one?

When choosing a new kitchen you can have a standardised one or a bespoke one.  Bespoke just means custom-built. In theory of course all kitchens are custom-built,  different for each customer. In reality, standardisation in the kitchen industry means that most kitchen suppliers now sell from a range of standard sized cupboards and standard sized doors (kitsets). These are pieced  together like a jigsaw with the occasional filler panel to hide the gaps that standard cupboards cannot be made to fill.  The smarter standardised kitchen sellers will have a cupboard in the line specially made to fill the space rather than a filler panel.

How can you tell the difference?

Other features of standardisation are set drawer heights and configurations, and a limited number of door styles and colours.  In other words, if you are told that there is a limitation on what you can have in your kitchen design, it’s a standardised kitchen and not a bespoke one.  No matter what the salesperson tells you.

What’s the advantage of a bespoke kitchen?

It’s the only way to get a truly individual kitchen.  You can have design features that are limited only by the skills of the cabinet maker.  So whatever your kitchen ideas or special features you wish to incorporate such as drawers to accommodate particular cooking appliances or special pantry accommodations, can be provided.  Your dream kitchen can be achieved and you won’t have to listen to the saleperson say: “Sorry but you can’t have that, it can’t be done”.

A genuine bespoke kitchen will be made from scratch to your own specific  design with no compromise for standardisation. It can be as individual  as you are. The discerning eye will always pick out a genuine one-off.  You can build into it any particular (and do-able) features you desire.  The finishing materials can be more adventurous and the finish can be of a higher standard. There are some excellent trades people in New Zealand who  can produce superb designer kitchens.

A genuine one-off bespoke designer kitchen will necessarily be more  expensive than the common or garden variety found in most homes. If your home is of a standard and finish that demands the best kitchen you can  put in it, the specialist kitchen maker is the one to go to. You can spot them by their showroom, the installed kitchens they can refer you  to, the features in the up-market magazines, their reputation and the language they use.  You don’t have to let your kitchen ideas be thwarted by system kitchen makers.


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