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Your guide to  kitchen splashbacks, kitchens glass splashback and  kitchen splashback ideas, advice and suppliers.

Do-it-Yourself and save on a DIY glass splashbacks

Doing it yourself has never been easier since the advent of standardised glass splashbacks. Now all you have to do is choose from a selection of attractive colours for the one that best complements your kitchen colour-scheme. Just make sure that your rangehood is at a height of least 750mm above your benchtop (752 would be about perfect) and a standard glass splashback can simply be glued into place.

Pioneers of do-it-yourself glass splashbacks, Splash Glass has made a speciality of making DIY glass splashbacks, easy and affordable.  Splash Glass has the experience to ensure that your DIY glass splashback will be a success.

However, you do not need to restrict yourself to a standard size or colour.

Glass splashback by Splash Glass
Your first choice for glass splashbacks

If you can measure the space where it is to go, you no longer do you have to rely on expensive tradespeople to measure and install your glass splashback. Save $100’s by installing your own glass splashbacks. Provided your splashback will be square or rectangular and the edges square, you can order online and have your splashback delivered. If your splashback is to be shaped or irregular then it needs to be templated.

Templating is done by making an exact replica of the space where the glass splashback is to fit, in hardboard or a similar, easily cut material. The glass is then cut to the exact shape of the template. Templating is something that can be done by the competent handyperson but do remember to allow a couple of millimeters of clearance to ensure that the glass can be maneuvered into position.

Colours can be chosen from the various paint ranges for matching or, if a special colour is required, a sample may be provided for an eye match. Do bear in mind though, that glass does affect the colour and an absolutely exact colour might not be possible. In any event, glass is highly reflective and your splashback will never blend into the background.

Installation of glass splashbacks is achieved by dabbing on a special adhesive and pressing the glass firmly against a flat wall, which is free of dust and protrusions. Ideally Gib board should be sealed beforehand with a coat of paint.

One company has made a speciality of providing DIY glass splashbacks. Pioneers of the do-it-yourself glass splashback, Splash Glass has the experience to ensure that your DIY glass splashback will be a success.

More details of how to purchase and fit your glass splashback can be found on the informative web site of Splash Glass

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